"The biggest thing....the doctor truly cares!"

"I am so grateful that I heard about Dr Justin. My daughter had been sick for a few years, unable to eat much of anything and down to 90 pounds. She started having seizures. The Dr's she was seeing was giving her medication after medication with no resolve. Her activities lessoned and lessoned, at 21, feeling so sick and weak every day.

Dr Justin explained the nerves of the spine and how they worked with the brain, and how critical (like my daughter) it could be on many different aspects of your health. He came up with a plan for her a few hours in office for a week and afterwards at home. The biggest thing...he truly cares. Sadly you don't see that anymore. I wish I could do more than just a Google 5 star. Absolutely wonderful Dr!"

Dianna T.


"Dr. Justin's holistic approach, addressing mind, body and spirit, orchestrated with a unique passion and impeccable skills is unmatched!"

"Dr. Justin is an EXCEPTIONAL wholistic practioner of integrative chiropractics with a specialty in the neurosciences. This past April, I was visiting in the area with my son and his beautiful family and mentioned to them about my chronic history of neck pain from years of computer work. It was indeed a blessing, Dr. Justin accepted me and began treatment as a new patient!

My family have been long time grateful patients of Dr. Justin who have greatly benefited from his personalized excellent care. I am a D.O., live out of state, recently retired after 42 years as a family physician, army and civilian.

I can attest that Dr. Justin's wholistic approach, addressing body, mind and spirit, orchestrated with a unique passion and impeccable skills, is unmatched in my medical career! We, my family and I, have gratitude to God for the difference Dr. Justin has made in our lives and the benefits we see daily in our health. His kindness and genuine empathetic warmth and smile allays any angst or anxiety, engendering his trust and allowing patients to relax under his compassionate care. Dr. Justin, thank you for the MIRACLES!"

Dr. Denise T.

"Our daughter's curve was was reduced"

"In mid-August 2023, we received more devastating news. We were told by another Orthopedic surgeon, that spinal surgery was the only option for our teenaged daughter. He asked us to make plans to set up a consult for surgery in fall. This wasn't new news for us, especially since receiving her diagnosis of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis a year and a half earlier.

We have searched high and low for answers, remedies, and other opinions. We met and corresponded with other facilities in other cities and even states. We obtained passports, thinking we may have to cross the sea for an alternate solution.But, with a thoracic curve of 88°, there weren't many remaining options out there. It isn't that we were dead-set against surgery, it just was were weren't being lead by the LORD in that direction. So we waited. A week passed, and a Chiropractor that we know in our city mentioned a Dr. Justin in NC. She simply suggested that we reach out for a consult. So we did.

A phone conversation turned into a Zoom meeting, that allowed for a family meet and greet, that opened the door for twenty intense, and highly effective therapy sessions for our daughter. Meeting and interacting with Dr. Justin has been a gift we didn't know we needed. From his sincere care to his wealth of knowledge and experience down to his infectious booming laugh, you will never meet another warm human being.

Under his direction, our daughter's curve was reduced by almost 10°! This is something we were told could NEVER happen. Dr. Justin gave us hope, and our daughter experienced a miracle in that office last year. We are thankful to the LORD Jesus Christ for allowing our paths to cross. We are eternally grateful for Clear Life Scoliosis Reduction and Chiropractic!!"

Deborah B.

"Zero migraines under Dr. Justin's care, felt the most aligned and gained curvature in my neck!"

"Dr. Justin is amazing!  I sought treatment from him for 4-5 months and I was able to have zero migraines under his care, felt the most aligned I had ever felt, and even gained curvature in my neck from using different modalities in his clinic and at home.  

I wish I lived in the Charlotte area to keep going to him!  Schedule an appointment with him today, he's amazing!  10/10 experience!"

Delanie P.

"A doctor that wants to correct issues and not just 'bandaid' them."

"Dr. Justin at Clear Life has been a God send for my daughter. My 11yo has been battling a plethora of health issues, along with a weakened and fatigued immune system. So many doctors have either dismissed us or have suggested putting her on heavy duty medications like Maraviroc. Dr. Justin listened and created a game plan that works for my daughter. So grateful to have found a doctor that wants to correct issues and not just "bandaid" them."

Crystal M.